Principal’s Message


The Dawn of this New Year 2018 is very special because all of us are eager to celebrate the 60 Years of St. Luke’s services to humanity. “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago”, says Warren Buffett a business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. It is quite true in the case of St. Luke’s. We need to be grateful to our Revered Founder Rev. Fr. Christian and who was a visionary. The ideals set up by the founders and inventors for the educational institution are diligently followed by our committed, dedicated management and staff members who shepherded the institution and brought this DIAMOND DAY OF GLORY. As we remember the visionaries with gratitude, we vouch to nurture and protect the sapling which has grown tall and sturdy so that it will give shade and fruit to the coming generations.

‘Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it TODAY’. We practice the philosophy of continuous improvement and strive to get a little better every single day. We need to change our mindset. Preparing our students as “global learners” is the need of the hour. It is only possible if the parents and teachers are there to help the management.Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Dear parents, teachers, and students, together let us DREAM BIG. Let us help our children become diligent, honest and selfless human beings who will pass the baton of humanity to the posterity. Though Solan is a small town, our thoughts can be magnanimous to take this institute to the global level through value based quality education.

We are grateful to the Bethany Educational Society management who served this institute for 25 years. Simla Chandigarh Diocese and Simla Chandigarh Educational Society wish them glorious/ sparkling years ahead.

Thanks a million, times to those who guide me and empower me with their objective analysis. I am grateful for the trust you have reposed in me. The management and the staff ensure continuous hard work and selfless devotion to serve the parents and children.

May St. Luke bless us, protect us and intercede for us.

Sr. Isabella Agnes