Head Boy's Message

Have you ever wondered why parents in the town toil hard day and night just make their children study here, at St. Luke’s?

What makes St. Luke's the Best School in Solan?

Well, it’s solely not infrastructure which the school has or the renowned faculty which has earned the school this glory. Instead, it is the values which the Lukites possess and the holistic development the school offers which has made the institute a pioneer in school education. This is clearly highlighted by the fact that school doesn’t produce mere literates but educated individuals ready to pass through the thick and thin of life. All this prestige earned over the years the responsibility of we the Lukites, so that we leave no stone unturned to uphold the legacy set forth by our seniors- the Ex-Lukites.

This would be possible by the collective cooperation of students and the council members. If we all inculcate in ourselves the three basic qualities of ‘Honesty, Humility and Hardwork’ (which I call the Triple H), we’ll surely be able to excel in our lives and reach the zenith of success. The school has been an epitome of excellence and perfection in all fields, let’s strive hard and muster the courage to move up the hill of life.

May the Luke’s be Luke’s Always!
Jai Hind!

School Prefect
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