Head Girl's Message

Obnoxious world, broken dreams, bruised heart, flooded eyes on the ruins of past, still I stand victorious for I chose to live in the present & ye, not be confident enough, for its sluttish time that heals the wounds & also tears the sky of calm.

Nothing is forever in this contemporary world. So, to leave a mark through your deeds is the greatest honour you can posses. This message is for all my fellow Lukites&its quite simple (implies for me as well)

1) Pursuing our education with dedication & excelling in it.
2) Constantly in an endeavour to remove the pain of our suffering brethren.
3) Working hard to become an enlightened citizen & making our family righteous.
4) Ignoring all the negative people around & being with those who always motivate us & uplift our soul.

It doesn’t matter if no one believes in you, you are a perfect example of hard work, and you have everything it takes to be. Always believe in yourself & never give up because you get enemies all around you; you get love all around; & you just have to be a fighter till your end & you got to hustle till your last breath.

Jahanvi Tanwar
School Prefect