Head Girl's Message

“A true leader has a confidence to stand alone , courage to make tough decisions , and the compassion to listen to the needs of others”

Our school has an admiring history when it comes to raising strong, mindful, spirit-filled , dynamic and responsible youth . The duty of carrying forward this legacy rests on the shoulders of Lukites. Serving the school and inculcating all the qualities of a Lukite is our prime responsibility. This is what inspired me to take up this responsibility as a Prefect .

“ A command is to serve nothing more , nothing less”

I am not here to make more follower but I look forward to make more leaders. Not ignoring the fact that I am in no position of a leader without the support of the students and my fellow council members. I not only look forward to maintain the school’s decorum but also serve compassionately when it comes on to the concerns of my fellow Lukites . The institution has bestowed me with this opportunity and I will do my best to not let them down. Lukites lets hold our heads high and


School Prefect
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