Principal’s Message

Heartfelt Greetings!!

“The hardest times, often lead to the greatest moments in your life. Keep going, for the strenuous storms, produces the strongest sailors.”

The year 2020, witnessed a landscape – scale crisis: The deadly COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS; which exposed to our otherwise bustling eyes, the importance of simple pleasures and significance of the minutest activities. But, even in this stressful tenure of cases juggling up and down, we all stayed brave, composed and concerned throughout. This is indeed commendable! St Luke’s Sr Sec School is a home of dedicated administration, refined faculty, responsible parents and sincere students who accepted the reality and acted with moderation.

My dear students, as another stack of 12 months approaches its summation, I wish for you enormous blessings from the almighty for great health, adaptability to ensure your safety, peace of mind and dutifulness towards your academic and extra curricular potentials.

Our dedicated teachers worked extremely hard to provide you with quality education through visual classrooms, but as a matter of fact, nothing can ever replace live teaching. So, keeping in mind the present scenario, it is my humble request to update your knowledge bank and prepare for your academic excellence for the future. Indulge in good reading habits, extend your horizon of learning and grow into wonderful individuals, on whom the school and the nation can rely on. Be kind to all beings and utilize your holidays to the fullest in pleasing character building and look up to your ambitions.

Our dearest parents have always been largely supportive, understanding and cooperating. May the God Almighty grant you the gift of a healthy, happy and successful life; for you are mellow and highly considerate. Grace your children by motivating them to read, groom their personality, utilize their winter break to acquire worthy skills, construct appreciable character and become compassionate towards fellow beings. Help them to emerge as the best versions of themselves. They must devote their precious time in personality development, as they are the future of the nation.

Every educational institution is built on the shoulders of great, selfless teachers who provide valuable drops of knowledge in the river of tender and innocent minds of students that finally brims towards success in their lives. A big shower of gratitude upon my dedicated teachers, who ensured quality lessons, syllabi completion and regular classes for our students. You have always worked diligently to promote education for our children and maintain standard of our school. Also, a colossal chunk of thanks to my entire staff for their services and devotion.

A forth night ago, we celebrated the auspicious occasion of Christmas, opening the door of our lives with merry packages of positivity, radiance and new hopes. Christmas is the time of GIVING, CARING and SHARING. The very spirit of this festival can be celebrated by simply lending a hand to those in need. May Jesus, fill your lives with infinite happiness, incomparable care and a long, long span of prosperity. In him, lies the true sense of existence, in Him is the strength. And it is in Him that we will all receive the satisfaction of our hearts. So, remember him in every breath and enjoy the winter break, with miles of presents to unbox and sparkling snowflakes !

I wish you safe days, healthy life, infinite joy, laughter and love this winter with your family. Wishing you all Happy New Year 2021. May this new year fulfill all your hearts’ desires.

Hoping for great days ahead!

Sr Laveena Pinto