Principal’s Message

Dear parents, students and teachers

May I extend to you a very warm welcome to the new academic year 2022.

Providing every student with what they deserve

I feel immensely fortunate and honoured to be a part of St. Luke’s Sr. Sec. School – a temple of learning that pursue s excellence in teaching and learning while nurturing the social and emotional needs of pupils to support them to bec ome altruistic human beings with raised standards of intellect, confidence, and moral standards.

We pride ourselves in ensuring a warm, secure and friendly yet disciplined environment where a Lukite feels welcomed and cared for. Our aim is to provide opportunities that extend and challenge every student to manifest their hidden potential to achieve personal, social and academic success.

Vision 2022

Every child matters everyday

Our vision for St. Luke’s Sr. Sec. School focuses on three main areas:

• Student’s success: The academic year 2022 will focus on ensuring each student’s victory. Our curriculum, activities and programs are all planned to enhance students’ confidence. The dedication and commitment of my teaching staff to nurture each lukite is central to their achievement.

• School community relationships: The school’s bond with the students and their families is foremost to ensure that each pupil is happily connected to our school. I strongly believe that more the students and families conne ct with us, greater the likelihood of their success.

• Joyous and value based learning: Our vision and mission is to develop a community where everyone feels loved, respected and enjoys learning in a joyful and stress-free atmosphere. We wish to instill values in our younger generation that will help them to remain grounded, cultured and ready to face life’s challenges ethically.

‘Education is shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’ BOB BEAUPREZ

Teachers and parents provide an unflinching support to nurture and help students flourish. Parents are child’s first role models. They have a key role in shaping their character. At the same time, a teacher is a child’s first mentor from whom he/she learns social skills along with educational training. It is only when both of them work together towards the same goal that one can see significant growth in a child’s development outcome. Therefore, dear parents, be a helping hand in your ward’s educational learning and travel with them as a true inspiration. Let us be a catalyst in igniting and shaping our children’s bright future. It is only through a close collaboration and partnership that we can achieve our goal of producing responsible world leaders and sensible global citizens of the imminent future.

My dear students make the academic year 2022 a fruitful one. Write your own story with passion and determination. And success will find its way to you.

Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!


Sr. Laveena Pinto

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