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Updated on:11-Oct-2019
Social Service

Updated on:24-Sep-2019
SILVER ZONE OLYMPIADS These Olympiads are one of the World’s Biggest International Olympiads Across Continents organized by SILVERZONE FOUNATIONS , New Delhi , India 12th INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIAD OF MATHEMATICS 2019 Eligibility...

Updated on:05-Jul-2019
New Notification for Hyderabad trip
Educatinal Trip to Hyderabad  

Updated on:04-Jul-2019
Educational Trips Notice

Updated on:04-Jul-2019
Educational Trip 1

Updated on:04-Jul-2019
Educational Trip 2

Updated on:04-Jul-2019
Educational Trip 3

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Educational Trip 4

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Educational Trip 5

Updated on:29-Apr-2019
Schedule for various Olympiad 2019-20
OLYMPIADS 2019 GREEN OLYMPID 2019 This Olympiad is organized by ‘THE ENERGY AND RESOURCES INSTITUTE, NEW DELHI’ in association with CBSE. Participation in this Olympiad is compulsory. Eligibility : Classes IV to...

Updated on:01-Mar-2019
Principal's office hours
  Office Hours:   9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Visiting Hours The Principal will meet the visitors on working days   (except Saturdays)   at the following time as well as by the...

Updated on:01-Mar-2019
Students are requested to submit their creativity at e-Care Office for Kids' Corner
Dear Students,   Provide us with your best Paintings,   Poems, Articles etc.   To be uploaded in the Kids' Corner of   the School Website.  

Updated on:14-Feb-2019
School Timings
Monday to Friday   Class K.G.         8:30 a.m. to 1:15 pm Class I to V :      8:30 a.m. to 2:20 pm Class VI to XII:   8:30 a.m. to 2:30...

Updated on:09-Jan-2019
e-Care Contact Details
Contact e-Care Team FOR ANY  QUERY/SUPPORT OR HELP   REGARDING   SMS SERVICE & WEBSITE BROWSING    +91-8894700701   We will assist you in the best possible...

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General Instructions

Updated on:02-Jan-2019
How do I get the e-Care Mobile App of St. Luke's Sen. Sec. School, Solan for my phone?
'Franciscan e-Care' mobile app is a smart tool, a complete and comprehensive package which brings all e-Care facilities at one place at fingertips for all users (School management, Teachers, Parents and Students). Responding to the growing...