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Total Records: 3
Date: 11-Jul-2018

How you know: I am a student
Rating: Good
Profession: Student
Comment: Website is good but there is always a chance of Improvement.
Name: Himanshu Thakur
Date: 21-May-2015

How you know: I am an ex-student
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Defence
Comment: Great to see all of these glimpses again ! Just adding alumni column for ex students and their informations would be icing on the cake ! Once a lukite always a lukite ! cheers god bless !
Name: Pulkit Malhotra
Date: 02-Dec-2014

How you know: I am an ex-student
Rating: Very Good
Profession: Student
Comment: I would like to congratulate the school and specially Principal Sr Tara for this new website. This time its very attractive and integrated. My suggestion for this website is to include an Alumni Column for the Ex Students so that we may also have up to date information about the school and we may have a connect to the school. Thank You and Cheers for the new website.

Total Records: 3