All Events
February, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday20 Feb 2019Self Introduction & forming lines height wise
2Wednesday20 Feb 2019Self Introduction & forming lines height(IV)
3Wednesday20 Feb 2019Re-opening of School(Assembly by Sr. Cabinet)
4Thursday21 Feb 2019Self Introduction & Rules of school
5Thursday21 Feb 2019Know your school
6Thursday21 Feb 2019Know your school & forming lines height wise
7Saturday23 Feb 2019House Meeting and SUPW Groups
8Wednesday27 Feb 2019Kite making
9Wednesday27 Feb 2019MPT competition
10Thursday28 Feb 2019Forming lines height wise
11Thursday28 Feb 2019Forming lines height wise(II)
12Thursday28 Feb 2019Forming lines height wise self-discipline
March, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday02 Mar 2019Oreintation Programme for Parents(KG-XII)
2Wednesday06 Mar 2019MPT competition(IV)
3Wednesday06 Mar 2019Visit to library
4Thursday07 Mar 2019March Past Inter section
5Thursday07 Mar 2019Scrap File
6Thursday07 Mar 2019March past/Pt competition
7Friday08 Mar 2019Women's Day(Debate - XII A)
8Wednesday13 Mar 2019Word Building(IV)
9Wednesday13 Mar 2019March Past Competition
10Thursday14 Mar 2019Visit to VTC
11Thursday14 Mar 2019Nature Walk/VTC
12Thursday14 Mar 2019Scrap File activity
13Saturday16 Mar 2019English Declamation(VI-VIII) English Enactment based upon Outstanding Women(IX-X)
14Monday18 Mar 2019Display of Bulletin Boards
15Wednesday20 Mar 2019Collage making(women's Day)
16Wednesday20 Mar 2019Hindi calligraphy(III)
17Saturday23 Mar 2019Science Quiz(VII-VIII) Science Quiz(IX-X)
18Wednesday27 Mar 2019March Past competition(IV)
19Wednesday27 Mar 2019Loud Reading
20Thursday28 Mar 2019Tie Shoe & Laces/ Ribbon
21Thursday28 Mar 2019Nature walk
22Saturday30 Mar 2019Bal Panchayat(VI-VIII) Ekanki Pratiyogita(IX-X)
April, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday03 Apr 2019Collage making(Himachal Pradesh)
2Wednesday03 Apr 2019200 mtrs Race(boys & girls)(IV)
3Thursday04 Apr 2019Mass PT competition
4Thursday04 Apr 2019Hindi calligraphy
5Thursday04 Apr 2019500 mtrs Race
6Friday05 Apr 2019Marathon (Kg-IV)
7Saturday06 Apr 2019Marathon (V-XII)
8Wednesday10 Apr 2019English calligraphy(IV)
9Wednesday10 Apr 2019200 mtrs Race (boys & girls)
10Thursday11 Apr 2019Mass PT competition
11Thursday11 Apr 2019Hindi calligraphy
12Thursday11 Apr 2019Himachal Day Celebration
13Thursday18 Apr 2019News Paper Reading(English)
14Thursday18 Apr 2019Easter Card making
15Thursday18 Apr 2019Easter Card making(II)
16Monday22 Apr 2019Earth Day-Rallies, Nature Walk, Painting Competition
17Thursday25 Apr 2019Science Quiz(XI-XII)
18Saturday27 Apr 2019Mental Maths/Paper Folding Corner(VI-VIII) Turncoat Debate(IX-X)
May, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 May 2019Labor Day (IV A, X B)
2Thursday02 May 2019English Calligraphy(V)
3Thursday02 May 2019Speaking about the picture
4Thursday02 May 2019100 mtrs Race(II)
5Saturday04 May 2019Bal Kavi Sammelan (VI-VIII) Kavi Sammelan & Vad-Vivad (IX-X)
6Wednesday08 May 2019Art activity(origami)
7Wednesday08 May 2019Football competition(boys)(IV)
8Thursday09 May 2019English Declamation
9Thursday09 May 2019Basketing a ball
10Thursday09 May 2019Hindi Declamation
11Saturday11 May 2019First PTM
12Wednesday15 May 2019Football competition(girls)(IV)
13Wednesday15 May 2019English Calligraphy(III)
14Thursday16 May 2019Drawing and colouring
15Thursday16 May 2019Think Mark making(Emoji's)
16Thursday16 May 2019Relay race 50*4(boys & girls)(V)
17Saturday18 May 2019Social Science Quiz (VI-VIII) Social Science Quiz (IX-X)
18Wednesday22 May 2019One minute activity
19Wednesday22 May 2019Loud Reading(Hindi)
20Thursday23 May 2019Maths Journal
21Thursday23 May 2019Visit to the Post Office
22Thursday23 May 2019Scrap File activity(V)
23Wednesday29 May 2019Scrap File activity(Gratitude Day)
24Wednesday29 May 2019Relay race 50*4(boys & girls)
25Thursday30 May 2019100 mtrs Race
26Thursday30 May 2019Drawing and colouring(II)
27Thursday30 May 2019Solo Dance Competition(V)
June, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Jun 2019Poster Making Competition(Environment)(VI-X)
2Wednesday05 Jun 2019Tree Plantation, Cleanliness drive
3Wednesday12 Jun 2019Math Olympiad
4Wednesday12 Jun 2019Maths Olympiad
5Thursday13 Jun 2019Slogan Writing
6Thursday13 Jun 2019Plant a seed
7Thursday13 Jun 2019Collage making(Environment)
July, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday03 Jul 2019Best out of waste
2Wednesday03 Jul 2019Relay race 50*4(boys & girls)(IV)
3Thursday04 Jul 2019Mental Maths
4Thursday04 Jul 2019Crossword
5Thursday04 Jul 2019Science Quiz
6Saturday06 Jul 2019English Enactment(VI-VIII) English Declamation(IX-X)
7Wednesday10 Jul 2019Eat healthy & stay healthy
8Wednesday10 Jul 2019Football competition(boys)
9Thursday11 Jul 2019Shuttle run(II)
10Thursday11 Jul 2019English Calligraphy
11Thursday11 Jul 2019Hindi calligraphy or Hindi Declamation
12Saturday13 Jul 2019Second PTM
13Wednesday17 Jul 2019Football competition(girls)
14Wednesday17 Jul 2019Origami Activity
15Thursday18 Jul 2019Shuttle run
16Thursday18 Jul 2019Building word wall
17Thursday18 Jul 2019Best out of waste(V)
18Friday19 Jul 2019Business Quiz(XI-XII)
19Saturday20 Jul 2019Creative Writing (Hindi/English)(VI-VIII) MUN(VIII-XII)
20Wednesday24 Jul 2019English Poem Recitation(IV)
21Wednesday24 Jul 2019English Poem Recitation
22Thursday25 Jul 2019Cartoon making(II)
23Thursday25 Jul 2019Cartoon making
24Thursday25 Jul 2019Football competition(boys)(V)
25Saturday27 Jul 2019Crossword/Word hunt(VI-VIII) Paper folding Activity(IX-X)
26Wednesday31 Jul 2019Newspaper reading
27Wednesday31 Jul 2019Hindi calligraphy(IV)
August, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Aug 2019Fancy dress on freedom fighters
2Thursday01 Aug 2019Hindi loud Reading(II)
3Thursday01 Aug 2019Preparing Rakhi/Visit to Police Line
4Saturday03 Aug 2019Kahani Lekhan(VI-VIII) Mental Math(IX-X)
5Wednesday07 Aug 2019Hindi Poem Recitation(III)
6Wednesday07 Aug 2019Hindi Poem Recitation(IV)
7Thursday08 Aug 2019Kavi Sammelam with Patriotic Theme
8Thursday08 Aug 2019Patriotic song(II)
9Thursday08 Aug 2019Patriotic song
10Wednesday14 Aug 2019Patriotic singing(IV)
11Wednesday14 Aug 2019Patriotic singing
12Wednesday14 Aug 2019Independence day Celebration (Dance)(VI-X)
13Thursday15 Aug 2019Independence day Celebration (Class XI B)
14Wednesday21 Aug 2019Basketball Dribble(girls)
15Wednesday21 Aug 2019Newspaper reading(IV)
16Thursday22 Aug 2019Portraits of patriots
17Thursday22 Aug 2019Spoon & lemon race
18Thursday22 Aug 2019Computer Olympiad
19Thursday29 Aug 2019Spoon & lemon race(II)
20Thursday29 Aug 2019Hindi loud Reading
21Thursday29 Aug 2019Football competition(girls)(V)
22Saturday31 Aug 2019Kavita Vachan Pratiyogita(VI-VIII) Kahani/ KAvita Vachan Pratiyogita(IX-X)
September, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday04 Sep 2019Basketball Dribble(boys)
2Wednesday04 Sep 2019Scrap File(Teachers day)
3Thursday05 Sep 2019Teachers Day Celebration (XI C & Jr and Sr Cabinet)
4Saturday07 Sep 2019Sports Event
5Wednesday11 Sep 2019Kho-Kho match (Girls)
6Wednesday11 Sep 2019Scrap file activity
7Thursday12 Sep 2019Paper Folding
8Thursday12 Sep 2019Hindi Parley
9Thursday12 Sep 2019Scrap File activity(V)
10Saturday14 Sep 2019Third PTM
11Wednesday18 Sep 2019Kho-Kho match (Boys)
12Wednesday18 Sep 2019Story telling(value based)
13Thursday19 Sep 2019Memory Game
14Thursday19 Sep 2019Frog Race
15Thursday19 Sep 2019Basketball Competition(Boys)
16Wednesday25 Sep 2019Computer Quiz
17Wednesday25 Sep 2019Fancy dress competition(III)
18Thursday26 Sep 2019Solo Dance Competition
19Thursday26 Sep 2019Solo Dance Competition(II)
20Thursday26 Sep 2019Basketball Competition(Girls)
21Saturday28 Sep 2019Just A Minute(Extempore) (VI-X)
October, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 Oct 2019Educational Trip/Picnic
2Thursday03 Oct 2019Rangoli making
3Thursday03 Oct 2019Hindi Poem Recitation
4Thursday03 Oct 2019Hindi Poem Recitation(II)
5Wednesday09 Oct 2019Shuttle run(III)
6Wednesday09 Oct 2019English Crossword
7Thursday10 Oct 2019Frog Race(II)
8Thursday10 Oct 2019Unscramble & form new words
9Thursday10 Oct 2019Kho-Kho match (Girls)(V)
10Wednesday16 Oct 2019Shuttle run(IV)
11Wednesday16 Oct 2019English word building(III)
12Friday18 Oct 2019St. Luke's Foundation Day & Award Ceremony(X A, III B)
13Saturday19 Oct 2019English Story Narration(VI-VIII) Creative Writing/ Word Grid(IX-X)
14Wednesday23 Oct 2019Diwali Card making(III)
15Wednesday23 Oct 2019Rangoli & Diya Decoration
16Thursday24 Oct 2019Diwali card making
17Thursday24 Oct 2019Diwali card making(II)
18Thursday24 Oct 2019Kho-Kho match (Boys)(V)
19Saturday26 Oct 2019Anti-Cracker Campaign/Slogan Writing Competition
20Wednesday30 Oct 2019Solo Dance
21Wednesday30 Oct 2019Solo Dance(III)
22Thursday31 Oct 2019Balance Race(II)
23Thursday31 Oct 2019Speak about your favourite fruit
24Thursday31 Oct 2019Kho-Kho finals
November, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday06 Nov 2019Visit to Bio-Lab
2Wednesday06 Nov 2019One minute show
3Thursday07 Nov 2019Balance Race
4Thursday07 Nov 2019Role Play
5Thursday07 Nov 2019Visit to an Orphanage
6Saturday09 Nov 2019Farewell(XII)
7Wednesday13 Nov 2019Carol singing(IV)
8Wednesday13 Nov 2019Carol singing(III)
9Thursday14 Nov 2019Rhyme-gap-fill
10Thursday14 Nov 2019Loud Reading English
11Thursday14 Nov 2019Investiture & Children Day Celebration
12Thursday14 Nov 2019Carol singing(V)
13Thursday21 Nov 2019Workshop for class V students with involvement of VI-teachers
14Thursday21 Nov 2019Carol singing
15Thursday21 Nov 2019Carol singing(II)
16Saturday23 Nov 2019Christmas Celebration
17Tuesday26 Nov 2019Annual Examination