All Events
February, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday19 Feb 2018Re-opening of School(Assembly)
2Wednesday21 Feb 2018Know your school rules
3Friday23 Feb 2018Self-Introduction & know your school rules
4Wednesday28 Feb 2018Learning to form lines (Height wise)
March, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Mar 2018Inauguration of Diamond Jubilee
2Friday02 Mar 2018Holi
3Saturday03 Mar 2018Orientation Program
4Wednesday07 Mar 2018Sports Activity (races)
5Thursday08 Mar 2018Build up with Blocks
6Friday09 Mar 2018Scrap File Activity
7Wednesday14 Mar 2018Visit to VTC for Class I/ Decoration of palm leaf
8Thursday15 Mar 2018How to move in Line
9Friday16 Mar 2018Sports Activity (Skipping Competition)
10Saturday17 Mar 2018Inter class Science Quiz(VII-X)(Syllabus of Previous class)
11Wednesday21 Mar 2018Easter Card Making for class I/ Visit to VTC
12Thursday22 Mar 2018Colouring Competition
13Friday23 Mar 2018Loud Reading
14Saturday24 Mar 2018Parents Orientation(IX,X)
15Wednesday28 Mar 2018Drawing and Colouring Competition
April, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday04 Apr 2018Calligraphy Competition (English)
2Thursday05 Apr 2018Draw with Chalk
3Friday06 Apr 2018Nature Walk/ Visit to State Library
4Saturday07 Apr 2018Marathon
5Monday09 Apr 2018Pre-Mid Examination
6Monday09 Apr 2018Pre-Mid Exam
7Thursday12 Apr 2018Know your School
8Friday13 Apr 2018Know your State
9Wednesday18 Apr 2018Know your State
10Thursday19 Apr 2018Clay Moulding Competition
11Friday20 Apr 2018Inter Class Science Quiz(XII)
12Friday20 Apr 2018Pre-Mid Exam
13Saturday21 Apr 2018PTM
14Saturday21 Apr 2018PTM
15Thursday26 Apr 2018Learn a Prayer Song
16Friday27 Apr 2018Calligraphy Competition (English)
17Saturday28 Apr 2018Inter Class Declamation(VIII-X)
May, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday02 May 2018Book Mark Making
2Thursday03 May 2018Pot Decoration
3Friday04 May 2018Scrap File Activity
4Friday04 May 2018Investiture Ceremony
5Saturday05 May 2018Career Counselling for class XII along with parents
6Wednesday09 May 2018Loud Reading (Hindi)
7Thursday10 May 2018Nature Walk
8Friday11 May 2018English Poem Recitation Competition
9Saturday12 May 2018School Fete
10Wednesday16 May 2018Sports Activity (Shuttle Run)
11Thursday17 May 2018Race(50 Mts)
12Friday18 May 2018Kho-Kho Matches (Boys)
13Saturday19 May 2018Orientation of Parents VI-VIII
14Wednesday23 May 2018Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
15Thursday24 May 2018English Poem Recitation
16Friday25 May 2018Lukite Cup 2018(Basket Ball Tournament)
17Friday25 May 2018Kho-Kho Matches (Girls)
18Wednesday30 May 2018Maths Olympiad
19Thursday31 May 2018Meet a New Person
June, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Jun 2018Kho-Kho Finals
2Friday01 Jun 2018Calligraphy Competition (Hindi)
3Saturday02 Jun 2018Inter School Declamation
4Wednesday06 Jun 2018Calligraphy Competition (Hindi)
5Thursday07 Jun 2018Mid Term (Tentative)
6Thursday07 Jun 2018Hindi Poem Recitation
7Thursday07 Jun 2018Mid Term Examination
8Thursday14 Jun 2018Evaluation I
9Friday15 Jun 2018Mid Term
10Saturday23 Jun 2018Summer Break(Tentative)
11Saturday23 Jun 2018Summer Break (Tentative)
12Saturday23 Jun 2018Summer Break(Tentative)
13Friday29 Jun 2018Summer Break
July, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday04 Jul 2018World Building
2Thursday05 Jul 2018Plant a Seed
3Friday06 Jul 2018Best out of Waste
4Saturday07 Jul 2018PTM
5Saturday07 Jul 2018PTM
6Wednesday11 Jul 2018Cartoon Making
7Thursday12 Jul 2018Relay Race
8Friday13 Jul 2018Hindi Poem Recitation Competition
9Sunday15 Jul 2018Mock Parliament/MUN(IX-X)
10Wednesday18 Jul 2018English Poem Recitation Competition
11Thursday19 Jul 2018Fancy Dress Competition
12Friday20 Jul 2018Scrap File Activity
13Saturday21 Jul 2018Inter School Quiz(General)
14Wednesday25 Jul 2018Memory Game
15Thursday26 Jul 2018Story Telling
16Friday27 Jul 2018English Word Building/ Crossword
August, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 Aug 2018Rakhi Making activity
2Thursday02 Aug 2018Shuttle Run
3Friday03 Aug 2018Inter School Singing
4Saturday04 Aug 2018Inter School Singing Competition(Patriotism)
5Wednesday08 Aug 2018Patriotic song Competition
6Thursday09 Aug 2018Patriotic Song Competition
7Friday10 Aug 2018Patriotic song Competition
8Saturday11 Aug 2018Programme through Teachers for Parents
9Wednesday15 Aug 2018Independence Day
10Thursday16 Aug 2018Drawing & Colouring
11Friday17 Aug 2018Portraits of Patriots/ Art Activity
12Wednesday22 Aug 2018Post-Mid Exam
13Friday24 Aug 2018Post-Mid Exam
14Saturday25 Aug 2018Inter School Model Making Competition(VI-XII)
September, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday05 Sep 2018Fancy Dress Competition for Class II
2Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teacher's Day
3Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teacher's Day
4Thursday06 Sep 2018One Leg Hopping
5Friday07 Sep 2018Scrap File Activity
6Monday10 Sep 2018Post-Mid Examination
7Monday10 Sep 2018Evaluation II
8Wednesday12 Sep 2018Fancy Dress Competition for Class I
9Friday14 Sep 2018Solo/ Group Dance Competition
10Wednesday19 Sep 2018English Declamation
11Thursday20 Sep 2018Dance Competition
12Wednesday26 Sep 2018Sports Activity (One leg hopping)
13Thursday27 Sep 2018Outdoor Picnic
14Friday28 Sep 2018Sports Activity (Basketball Dribble)
October, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Oct 2018Social Service Week
2Wednesday03 Oct 2018Solo Dance for Class I
3Thursday04 Oct 2018Candle Decoration
4Friday05 Oct 2018Hindi Declamation Competition
5Wednesday10 Oct 2018Solo Dance for Class II
6Thursday11 Oct 2018Shuttle Run
7Friday12 Oct 2018Diamond Jubilee Celebration
8Friday12 Oct 2018Diamond Jubilee Celebration
9Wednesday17 Oct 2018Hindi Declamation
10Thursday18 Oct 2018English Calligraphy
11Thursday25 Oct 2018Drawing & Colouring
12Friday26 Oct 2018Solo Singing
13Wednesday31 Oct 2018Story Telling
November, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Nov 2018Carol Singing
2Friday02 Nov 2018Diwali Card Making
3Saturday03 Nov 2018Farewell XII
4Wednesday07 Nov 2018Diwali
5Thursday08 Nov 2018Race(50Mts)
6Wednesday14 Nov 2018Children Day Celebration
7Wednesday14 Nov 2018Carol Singing
8Wednesday14 Nov 2018Children Day
9Wednesday14 Nov 2018Investiture
10Wednesday14 Nov 2018Awards
11Thursday15 Nov 2018Hindi Calligraphy
12Saturday24 Nov 2018Christmas Celebration
13Saturday24 Nov 2018Christmas Celebration
14Monday26 Nov 2018Annual Examination(VI-IX & XI)/Pre-Board(X,XII)
15Monday26 Nov 2018Evaluation III
16Wednesday28 Nov 2018Final Exam
17Friday30 Nov 2018Final Exam
December, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Sunday16 Dec 2018Carol Singing